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AWS IQ now supports attachments



You can now share files directly with specific experts in AWS IQ chat interface. Experts can also share files in the chat, attach files to a proposal, or to a payment request after completing work. AWS IQ enables you to collaborate directly with AWS Certified experts and consulting firms through the chat-based web application. Share architecture diagrams, solution details, or documentation files directly in chat with IQ experts, without leaving the IQ application. Experts can attach files to proposals or payment requests, providing more details on contracts and deliverables. To use the attachments feature, login to IQ and post a request. Once an expert has responded to your request, select the paper clip in the bottom of the chat window and attach the file (support for up to 25MB in attachments). Experts can attach files to proposals or payment requests by selecting the “Add attachment” option in the proposal or payment creation modal (up to 5 attachments for a total of 25MB). AWS IQ is available to customers globally (excluding China). [Post a request]( or [learn more]( about IQ.