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Amplify Flutter now supports Null Safety



Today, we’re announcing that we have updated AWS Amplify’s tools and libraries for Flutter to support null safety for all of our use cases. Flutter developers can now enjoy all the easy-to-integrate Amplify functionality with higher reliability and improved developer ergonomics. Sound null safety is a Dart language feature in which code is non-nullable by default and turns runtime null-dereference errors into edit-time analysis errors. This enables developers to reduce bugs in their code and benefit from performance improvements through smaller binaries and faster execution. Null safety protection was introduced with Flutter 2 as an opt-in feature for developers and, as of Flutter 2.2, is enabled by default for all new Flutter apps. With this release of Amplify Flutter developers can now create new apps with null safety enabled, and no longer have to wait to migrate their existing apps to be null safe. Get started today with Amplify Flutter via our [Getting Started guide](, or learn more about migrating to null safety in [our docs]( AWS Amplify is the simplest way for developers to build AWS-powered backends for their web, mobile and cross-platform (Flutter, React Native) apps. We encourage you to provide feedback or feature requests on our [GitHub repo]( or [Discord community]( To learn more about AWS Amplify, go to our [web page](/amplify/).