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AWS Glue DataBrew is now HIPAA eligible



[AWS Glue DataBrew](, a visual data preparation service, is now AWS Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) eligible, allowing healthcare and life science customers to build analytics and machine learning solutions for HIPAA workloads in conjunction with other HIPAA-eligible AWS services. Customers are able to leverage DataBrew’s 250+ no-code transformations to clean and normalize healthcare data in order to reach better healthcare decisions, operate more efficiently, and help identify medical and scientific trends. Visit the [HIPAA Compliance page](/compliance/hipaa-compliance/) for information about HIPAA-eligible services on AWS, and [Cloud Computing in Healthcare](/health/) to learn more about building healthcare applications on AWS. To get started with DataBrew, visit the [AWS Management Console]( or install the [DataBrew plugin in your Notebook environment]( and refer to the [DataBrew documentation](