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AWS Copilot now supports Pub/Sub architectures



Today, we are excited to announce the release of version 1.10 of [AWS Copilot](/containers/copilot/) with support for publish/subscribe architectures that customers can use to decouple microservices and consume events asynchronously. Customers can now use AWS Copilot to build [event-driven architectures](/event-driven-architecture/) or to decouple services in order to increase performance, reliability, and scalability. All existing AWS Copilot services and jobs can use the new publish field to broadcast events to [Amazon Simple Notification Service](/sns/) (Amazon SNS) topics. These events can then be received via [Amazon Simple Queue Service](/sqs/) (Amazon SQS) queues with the new "Worker Service" pattern in AWS Copilot for [Amazon Elastic Container Service](/ecs/) (Amazon ECS) services running on [AWS Fargate](/fargate/). AWS Copilot v1.10 also adds a new field _taskdef\_overrides_ in the manifest file to allow customers to add all fields supported by Amazon ECS task definitions that are not surfaced in the manifest. This enables customers to use configurations available for Amazon ECS (such as the _[ulimit]( parameter which allows customers to change default resource limit values) for their AWS Copilot jobs and services which are not supported in AWS Copilot directly. Additionally, the _alias_ field for request and load balanced services has been augmented to accept a list of friendly domain names instead of a single entry. You can deploy applications to Amazon ECS with AWS Copilot in all [Regions](/about-aws/global-infrastructure/regional-product-services/) where AWS Fargate is available. Additionally, you can deploy applications with AWS Copilot using [AWS App Runner](/apprunner/) in the following AWS Regions: US East (N. Virginia), US East (Ohio), US West (Oregon), Europe (Ireland), and Asia Pacific (Tokyo). You can refer to the Copilot release notes for v1.10 [here]( To get started, download AWS Copilot on Mac, Linux, or Windows [here](