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NICE DCV releases version 2021.2



[NICE DCV](/hpc/dcv/) is a high-performance remote display protocol that helps customers securely access remote desktop or application sessions, including 3D graphics applications hosted on servers with high-performance GPUs. We are pleased to announce the release of NICE DCV version 2021.2 with the following new features: * Web client clipboard improvements - Customers can now copy and paste images using the DCV web client on Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. * Option to prevent screenshots on native clients - This feature supports security by preventing users from taking screenshots of their DCV session content. When enabled, users may only capture a black screen. * Streaming quality improvements - To deliver the highest frame rates using low bandwidth consumption, NICE DCV is designed to automatically update to full lossless those parts of the streamed image that are not changing. This update delivers a more fluid “build-to-lossless” experience when using the QUIC protocol. * DCV Session Manager features - The DCV Session Manager now offers a command line interface (CLI) and a broker data persistence feature. Customers can more easily create and manage DCV sessions via CLI without needing to call the APIs directly. For higher availability, brokers can persist server state information on an external data store and restore them at startup time. NICE DCV is the remote display protocol used by [Amazon Appstream 2.0](/appstream2/), [AWS RoboMaker](/robomaker/), and [Amazon Nimble Studios](/nimble-studio/). For more information, please see the [release notes]( or visit the NICE DCV [webpage](/hpc/dcv/) to [download]( and get started with DCV.