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AWS IoT Device Defender announces Audit One-Click



Today we are launching Audit One-Click for [AWS IoT Device Defender](/iot-device-defender/). Audit One-Click makes it easy for AWS IoT Core customers to improve their security baseline by making it possible to start auditing their account and IoT devices against security best practices with a single click. Audit One-Click allows customers to turn on an AWS IoT Device Defender audit with preset configurations including enabling all available audit checks and a daily audit schedule. It also provides contextual explanations for the benefits of regular security audits. Audit One-Click is only available from the AWS IoT console. Customers can use Audit One-Click in all [AWS Regions](/about-aws/global-infrastructure/regional-product-services/) where AWS IoT Device Defender is available. For more information about AWS IoT Device Defender audit, see [AWS IoT Device Defender developer guide](