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CDK for Kubernetes (CDK8s) now Generally Available



Cloud Development Kit for Kubernetes ([CDK8s]( is now Generally Available and ready for production usage with any conformant Kubernetes cluster. To ensure continued community involvement, cdk8s is also now an official [CNCF Sandbox project]( and has moved from the AWS Labs GitHub organization to a dedicated home on GitHub, [cdk8s-team]( CDK8s is a software development framework for defining Kubernetes applications and reusable abstractions using familiar programming languages and object-oriented APIs. Developers using cdk8s can write and share Kubernetes applications and API resources using the languages of their choice, and synthesize their configuration into standard Kubernetes YAML manifests which can be applied to any Kubernetes cluster. cdk8s was first developed by AWS and [announced in May 2020]( Since then, the project has incubated on GitHub as part of [AWS Labs]( and has grown to include over 30 community contributors with hundreds of community contributions, bug fixes, and improvements. To learn more, [read our blog]( or visit [](