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Amazon Chime SDK now supports phone call recording



The Amazon Chime SDK is a service that makes it easy for developers to add real-time audio, video, screen sharing, and messaging capabilities to their applications. With the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) audio APIs, developers can build customized telephony applications like voice menus, click-to-call, and call routing using the agility and operational simplicity of a serverless AWS Lambda function. Starting today, developers can record PSTN and Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) voice calls and store the recordings in the Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) bucket of their choice using the call recording feature. Combining call recording with other AWS services, developers can easily build machine learning enabled solutions for post-call processing and analytics. For example, you can use Amazon Transcribe Call Analytics to get turn-by-turn transcripts, help redact sensitive information (for example names, addresses, and credit card information), and derive insights such as customer sentiment and issues from recorded calls. The results can be easily stored in your Amazon S3 bucket. This feature is generally available, and you can use it in the US East (N. Virginia) and US West (Oregon) regions. To learn more about the on-demand call recording feature and get started, refer to the following resources: * [Amazon Chime SDK](/chime/chime-sdk/) * [Amazon Chime SDK PSTN Audio Developers Guide]( * [Amazon Chime SDK API Reference]( * [Amazon Transcribe Call Analytics](/transcribe/call-analytics/) * [Amazon Transcribe Call Analytics Developer Guide]( * [Blog - Building an on-demand phone call recording solution with Amazon Chime SDK](