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New features for AWS IoT Core Device Advisor



[AWS IoT Core Device Advisor](/iot-core/device-advisor/) now supports the capability to run multiple test suites at the same time. Device Developers can use this capability to complete testing faster by testing multiple devices simultaneously. Developers can also test their devices more comprehensively by using new MQTT test cases such as a test to validate the device behavior when the device is disconnected from the server side. Device Advisor console also provides a new and simpler way for developers to quickly review and create an IAM role in few clicks, enabling developers to grant permissions to Device Advisor for connecting with AWS IoT Core on behalf of their test devices. Device Advisor is a fully managed cloud-based test capability to validate IoT devices for reliable and secure connectivity with AWS IoT Core. Any device that has been built to connect to AWS IoT Core can take advantage of Device Advisor. Device Advisor also provides a signed qualification report which can be used by hardware partners to qualify their devices for inclusion in the [AWS Partner Device Catalog]( To learn more and get started with the new features of Device Advisor, see [Device Advisor’s overview page](/iot-core/device-advisor/) and [technical documentation](