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Public preview: New SAP HANA telemetry in AMS



Azure Monitor for SAP Solutions (AMS) now supports following new SAP HANA telemetry in public preview: * Licence status - Provide licence details for all the tenants running with SAP HANA MDC. * Multi-version Concurrency Control (MVCC) - Report on transactional data consistency by isolating transactions that are accessing the same data at the same time * Save point operations details and count * Delta merge details and issue count * HANA alert statistics For current customers, no additional steps are required, you automatically get these new metrics. For new customers, please follow AMS onboarding guide to deploy an AMS resource and configure at least one SAP HANA provider. AMS is currently available in following Azure regions: US East, US East 2, US West 2, Europe West, Europe North. AMS does not have licence charges; consumption charges are applicable. To learn more visit, [AMS documentation](, [AMS onboarding guide]( and [SAP HANA provider]( * Azure Monitor * Features * [ Azure Monitor](