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AWS SDK for Rust (Developer Preview)



We’re excited to announce the AWS SDK for Rust is now in developer preview. The AWS SDK for Rust empowers developers to interact with AWS services and enjoy APIs that follow Rust idioms and best practices. It utilizes modern Rust language features like async/await, non-blocking IO, and builders. The SDK also integrates with popular libraries in the Rust ecosystem like [Tokio](, [Tracing](, and [Hyper.]( This developer preview release supports access to 288 AWS services, each with their own crate. All crates are available on []( The SDK provides automatic configuration when running in environments such as EC2, ECS and Lambda, built-in retry support, and a wide variety of authentication mechanisms to meet customer needs. The AWS SDK for Rust is engineered to be fast with serializers and deserializers that minimize unnecessary copies and allocations in order to reduce CPU and memory utilization, freeing up more resources for your application. Since this is a preview release, we are providing this SDK for early access and evaluation purposes only. Our public APIs may change before the general availability release as we gather more customer feedback and learn what is most important to Rust developers. We’d like to offer our sincere thanks to everyone who evaluated and provided feedback during the alpha — your time, expertise, and ideas helped shape our preview release. We are especially thankful to the Rusoto authors and maintainers who worked on Rusoto since its first release in 2015\. To get started with the AWS SDK for Rust, visit our [Getting Started Guide]( and [Product Detail Page](/sdk-for-rust/). You can learn where the project is headed on our [Roadmap](, and provide feedback and see source code at our [GitHub repository](