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Amazon Route 53 updates API actions



[Amazon Route 53](/route53/) is adding domain specific API actions: DeleteDomain and ListPrices. Sorting and filtering functions are also being added to the API action, ListDomains. The DeleteDomain API action is a function previously only available in the AWS Console. API actions help streamline operations for customers who programmatically manage their own domains. For example, customers who manage multiple domains and occasionally require a domain to be deleted. Manually looking these domains up and deleting or adding them through the console can be inefficient at scale. With the addition of the DeleteDomain, ListPrice, and expanded ListDomain functionality to the Route 53 API, these changes can be made in seconds. ListDomains actions added sorting and filtering support matches support previously only found in the console too. By using these sorting and filtering actions, customers don’t need to complicate their code by adding the sorting and filtering functions themselves and the data returned from the API action is reduced. This functionality is generally available in all [AWS regions that support Amazon Route 53]( To learn more, please see the Amazon Route 53 API Reference, API Actions By Function [documentation](