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Amazon Chime SDK now supports stereo audio



[Amazon Chime SDK](/chime/chime-sdk/) lets developers add real-time audio, video, and screen share to their web and mobile applications. Amazon Chime SDK meetings now support stereo audio, with 48kHz sampling and 128kbps encoding. These capabilities enable developers to capture live instruments or stereo microphone audio in their applications as well as sharing of pre-recorded music or other stereo content with stereo playback to users. The Amazon Chime SDK service supports 48kHz stereo audio, and the capabilities of the individual client libraries are as follows: * JavaScript: 48kHz audio, stereo capture at 128kbps, stereo playback * iOS and Android: 48kHz audio, mono capture at 64kbps, stereo playback Some browsers, operating systems, or devices may limit the audio capture sample rate or be unable to play stereo audio. When limited, audio will be captured at the highest available sample rate, and a down-mixed mono audio will be provided for playback. To learn more about Amazon Chime SDK meetings and stereo audio, refer to the following resources: * [Amazon Chime SDK](/chime/chime-sdk/) * [Amazon Chime SDK Developer Guide](