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Amazon ElastiCache now supports AWS PrivateLink



You can now use [AWS PrivateLink](/privatelink/) to privately access [Amazon ElastiCache](/elasticache/) from your Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC). AWS PrivateLink provides private connectivity between VPCs, AWS services, and on-premises networks, without exposing traffic to the public internet and securing your network traffic. The Amazon ElastiCache API supports AWS PrivateLink in all regions where Amazon ElastiCache is available. For a complete list, see [supported regions]( To use AWS PrivateLink with Amazon ElastiCache, you create an [interface VPC endpoint]( for Amazon ElastiCache in your VPC using the Amazon VPC console, AWS SDK, or AWS CLI. With an interface VPC endpoint, you can privately access the Amazon ElastiCache APIs from applications inside your Amazon VPC. You can also access the VPC endpoint from other VPCs using VPC Peering or your on-premises environments using AWS VPN or AWS Direct Connect. To learn more, read the [documentation](, or get started in the [Amazon VPC Console](