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Amazon RDS for MariaDB now supports MariaDB 10.6



Amazon RDS for MariaDB now supports MariaDB version 10.6\. This release introduces multiple MariaDB features to enhance the performance, scalability, reliability and manageability of your workloads, including: * **MyRocks storage engine:** You can use the MyRocks storage engine with RDS for MariaDB to optimize storage consumption of your write-intensive, high-performance web applications. * **IAM integration:** You can now configure AWS’s Identity and Access Management (IAM) with your Amazon RDS for MariaDB instances to simplify access management of your AWS resources. With IAM, you can manage user access to all AWS resources from a single location and avoid issues caused by out-of-sync permissions on different AWS resources. * **Flexible Upgrades:** You can upgrade to RDS for MariaDB 10.6 from any prior MariaDB major release (10.2, 10.3, 10.4, 10.5) in a single step. You can also take a snapshot of an existing MySQL 5.6 or 5.7 instance and use the RDS snapshot restore feature to convert it into a MariaDB 10.6 instance. * **Delayed replication:** You can now set a configurable time period for which a read replica lags behind the source database, as a disaster recovery strategy. In a standard MariaDB replication configuration, there is minimal replication delay between the source and the replica. * **Oracle PL/SQL compatibility:** With an increased set of PL/SQL compatibility functions (e.g. ROWNUM(), TO\_CHAR(), ADD\_MONTHS()), you can migrate your legacy Oracle stored procedures as-is to RDS for MariaDB 10.6. * **Atomic DDL:** Your DDL statements will now be crash-safe with RDS for MariaDB 10.6\. CREATE TABLE, ALTER TABLE, RENAME TABLE, DROP TABLE, DROP DATABASE and related DDL statements are now atomic. Previously a crash during a DDL operation could lead to undetermined results and introduce errors during replication. With atomic DDL, either a DDL operation is either fully done or not done at all. Therefore, recovery from crashes during DDL operations are deterministic and binlog remains consistent across any server crashes. * **Other enhancements:** JSON\_TABLE function for transforming JSON data to relational format within SQL, faster empty table data load with Innodb, new sys\_schema for analysis & troubleshooting, optimizer enhancement for ignoring unused indexes and performance improvements. To learn more about Amazon RDS for MariaDB and how to upgrade your database instances, please refer to the [Amazon RDS User Guide]( Launch a new Amazon RDS for MariaDB 10.6 database instance or upgrade your current instance with just a few clicks in the [AWS Management Console](