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Public preview: Resource configuration changes



Query across your subscriptions and tenants to discover changes to your resources with Azure Resource Graph. Resource configuration changes enable you to: * Find when changes were detected on an Azure Resource Manager property * See property change details for each resource change * Query changes at scale across your subscriptions, management group, or tenants #### **At scale and on by default** This public preview iterates on the previous Resource Changes API with an entirely new pipeline that stores changes as extension resources at change time, enabling you to query changes to your Azure resources at scale through Resource Graph. In addition, this support includes the ability to craft charts and pin results to Azure dashboards based on specific change queries. _At-scale_ Resource changes can be queried with Resource Graph, which supports querying at the resource, resource group, subscription, management group, and tenant scopes. With one query you can get details about all of the deleted, created, and/or modified resources in your environment over the past seven days. _On by default_ No onboarding is required. This is a platform feature enabled by default and available at no additional cost. Learn how to start querying changes in our [documentation]( * Azure Resource Graph * Azure Resource Manager * Change Analysis * Features * Management * [ Azure Resource Manager]( * [ Azure Resource Graph](