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Amazon Braket adds support for OpenQASM 3.0



[Amazon Braket](/braket/), the quantum computing service from AWS, now supports OpenQASM 3.0 for gate-based quantum devices and simulators. With this launch, customers have the choice of using the Braket SDK to build and run programs as before, or directly supply equivalent OpenQASM 3.0 strings via the Braket SDK and API. Amazon Braket’s introduction and ongoing support for OpenQASM 3.0, will continue to make it easier for customers to migrate quantum programs between different development environments. OpenQASM is an intermediate representation for the description of quantum programs with a level of richness that supports a wide variety of use cases, including those that require low level control over quantum hardware. Similar to Braket, OpenQASM is designed to be hardware agnostic, making it well suited as a representation and providing customers a consistent programming experience across a wide variety of devices. Since its launch as an open-source project in 2017, OpenQASM has gained wide adoption among users and quantum hardware developers. OpenQASM is further supported by an increasing number of third-party application libraries such as mitiq and Yao.jl, that benefit algorithm development for researchers. In addition to paving the way to gain portability across different frameworks, support for OpenQASM on Braket will help simplify the development stack for customers. The new version of OpenQASM (3.0) extends the previous version to include more features, such as pulse-level control, gate timing, and classical control flow, to bridge the gap between end-user interface and hardware description language. In addition to introducing support for OpenQASM 3.0 on the Braket service, AWS's [participation in the OpenQASM 3.0 Technical Steering Committee]( will help accelerate the evolution of OpenQASM as a consistent representation for gate-based quantum algorithms. Support for OpenQASM 3.0 exists in all regions where Amazon Braket is available. To get started with OpenQASM 3.0 please see the following resources: [Amazon Braket documentation](, [Amazon Braket Console](, [Example notebook on Github](