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Service Catalog now supports VPC Endpoint Policies



AWS Service Catalog now supports Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) endpoint policies in all regions. Previously, Service Catalog supported integration with [AWS PrivateLink]( in all regions, where customers could use default policies that provided full access to Service Catalog. With this newly supported feature, customers can create or modify their VPC endpoint(s), interface or gateway, and have the option of attaching a customer-managed policy that specifies access to Service Catalog. Service Catalog customers can leverage VPC endpoint policies as standalone AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) resource policies. If utilized, these policies do not override or replace an IAM user policy or Service Catalog-specific policies. This feature supports the ability for existing customers to continue using their default, full-access policies without having to make changes to their existing VPC configurations. Support for VPC endpoint policies is available in [all regions where Service Catalog](/about-aws/global-infrastructure/regional-product-services/) is currently operating. To learn more, customers can reference documentation on [Service Catalog endpoints and quotas]( as well as AWS documentation for [controlled access to services using VPC endpoints]( For more information about Service Catalog, please visit the [Service Catalog product page](/servicecatalog/) and [documentation](/servicecatalog/resources/).