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Generally available: The new Azure Front Door – a modern cloud CDN service



The new Azure Front Door is a Microsoft native, unified, and modern cloud content delivery network (CDN) catering to dynamic and static content acceleration. This service includes built in turnkey security and a simple pricing model built on Microsoft’s massive scale private global network. There are two Azure Front Door tiers: standard and premium. They combine the capabilities of Azure Front Door (classic) and Azure CDN from Microsoft (classic) and attach with Azure Web Application Firewall (WAF). This provides a unified and secure solution for delivering your applications, APIs, and content on Azure or anywhere at scale. Several key capabilities have been released into general availability (GA): * Improved automation and simplified provisioning with DNS TXT based domain validation * Auto generated endpoint host name to prevent subdomain takeover * Expanded Private Link support in all Azure regions with availability zones to secure backends * Web Application Firewall enhancements with DRS 2.0 RuleSet and Bot manager * Expanded rules engine with regular expressions and server variables * Enhanced analytics and logging capabilities * Integration with Azure DNS, Azure Key Vault, Azure Policy and Azure Advisor * A simplified and predictable cost model Learn More: [Azure Front Door GA announcement blog]( [Azure Front Door documentation]( * Azure Front Door (classic) * Features * Services * Security * [ Azure Front Door (classic)](