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Amazon Neptune now offers a free trial



You can now try Amazon Neptune for free with a 1-month [free trial](/neptune/free-trial/). First-time Neptune customers can get started with Neptune for free for 30 days, using up to 750 hours of the T3.medium instance, 10 million I/O requests, 1 GB of storage, and 1 GB of backup storage. [Amazon Neptune](/neptune/) is a fast, reliable, and fully managed graph database service that helps customers build applications for fraud detection, identity resolution, knowledge management, and security posture assessment using highly connected datasets. With this free trial, you can use all the features that a T3.medium instance supports such as: multi-AZ deployments with up to 15 read replicas; high-throughput, low-latency queries in Gremlin, SPARQL, and openCypher; automated backups; database snapshots; CloudWatch monitoring, and more. To get started, create your first Neptune cluster from the [AWS Management Console]( or [AWS CLI](, or try out a [sample graph application]( tutorial. For more details about Amazon Neptune Free Trial, see the [FAQs page](/neptune/free-trial/). For information on Neptune pricing and availability, please check out the [Neptune pricing page](/neptune/pricing/) and [AWS Region Table](/about-aws/global-infrastructure/regional-product-services/).