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AWS Encryption SDK for .NET now generally available



Developers can now use the AWS Encryption SDK for .NET to help protect their data. This open-source release makes it easier for developers to encrypt and decrypt their data when building applications using the .NET developer platform. The AWS Encryption SDK is a client-side encryption library designed to make it easy to encrypt and decrypt data based on industry standards and best practices. With this release, the AWS Encryption SDK is now available in C, Java, JavaScript, Python, .NET and Command Line Interface implementations. All implementations of the AWS Encryption SDK are interoperable; you can encrypt data in one programming language and decrypt it with any other. The AWS Encryption SDK language implementations are developed in open source projects on GitHub where you can inspect the code and contribute to the project. Get started by visiting the [AWS Encryption SDK for .NET repository on GitHub]( To learn more, see the [ESDK for .NET Documentation](