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UI Improvements in AWS Budgets



[AWS Budgets](/aws-cost-management/aws-budgets/) has enhanced the console experience by adding a split-view panel that allows you to view budget details without leaving the budgets overview page. AWS Budgets helps you control AWS cost and usage by allowing you to set custom budgets that alert you when your cloud spend exceeds (or is forecasted to exceed) your budgeted amount. You can also use AWS Budgets to set Savings Plans and Reservation alerts and receive notifications when your utilization or coverage targets drop below your desired thresholds. AWS Budgets is generally available in all public [AWS Regions](/about-aws/global-infrastructure/regional-product-services/). Using the new split-view panel in AWS Budgets, you can save time and clicks when analyzing budget performance by using navigation controls to select the next or previous budget. Also, you can now construct helpful budget history visualizations by selecting multiple budgets at once. The split-view panel provides budget details as well as alert filtering capability so you can quickly identify which alert thresholds are exceeded and whom to contact. To maintain complete control over your spend with AWS Budgets, see the following list of resources: * [AWS Budgets Console]( * [AWS Budgets product page](/aws-cost-management/aws-budgets/) * [Viewing your AWS Budgets]( * [AWS re:Post on Budgets](