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Generally available: Durable Functions for Node.js



This version has significant performance and robustness advantages over the old version. To get a sense of the improvement, consider this simple fan-out-fan-in orchestration over 15k activities. _A fan-out-fan-in benchmark_ Here we use Durable Functions Extension version 2.6.1 and run this benchmark on the Azure Functions Consumption plan for Windows. We then compare the performance of this benchmark between the npm package ‘durable-functions’ version 1.5.4 and version 2.0.0\. See results below. ![]( This new major release reduces orchestration time by more than 50%. The improvement you see may vary, but we expect most workloads to experience increased runtime performance from this release, especially for high-scale workloads. This release makes use of new features in the Durable Functions Extension to prevent race conditions that cause orchestrations to get stuck in large fan-out-fan-in scenarios, especially when durable timers are involved. Try it out by installing [version 2.0.0](, or later, of the SDK. Important note: There are a few _breaking changes_ in this release for certain edge use cases. For details, please see our [release notes]( * Azure functions * Features * [ Azure functions](