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Amazon MemoryDB for Redis is now PCI DSS Compliant



[Amazon MemoryDB for Redis](/memorydb/) is now a [Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS)](/compliance/pci-dss-level-1-faqs/) compliant service. MemoryDB is a fully managed, Redis-compatible, in-memory database that provides low latency, high throughput, and durability at any scale. You can now use MemoryDB to store sensitive payment card data with low latency and high throughput for use cases such as payment processing, mobile wallet, and payment fraud prevention that are subject to PCI DSS. To learn more, visit the [AWS services compliance page](/compliance/services-in-scope/) and [AWS compliance resources](/compliance/resources/). To learn more about MemoryDB, visit the MemoryDB [features page](/memorydb/features/) and [documentation]( If you have any product questions or feature requests, you can email the MemoryDB team at [](