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General availability: NVads A10 v5 virtual machines



NVads A10 v5 virtual machines (VMs) are now generally available in West Europe, South Central US, and West US3 regions. The NVads A10 v5 VM series enables a wide variety of graphics, video and AI workloads, including virtual production and visual effects, engineering design and simulation, game development and streaming, virtual desktops/workstations and more. They feature NVIDIA A10 Tensor Core GPUs, up to 72 AMD EPYC™ 74F3-series vCPUs, and are designed to offer the right choice for any workload with optimum configurations for both single user and multi-session environments. With its GPU-partitioned VM sizes, you can select from VMs with one-sixth of an A10 GPU and scale all the way up to a 2\*A10 configuration. This offers cost-effective entry-level and low-intensity GPU workloads on NVIDIA GPUs, while still giving you the option to scale up to powerful full-GPU and multi-GPU processing power. [Learn more]( * Pricing & Offerings