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AWS Global Accelerator announces IPv6 support



AWS Global Accelerator now offers dual-stack accelerators that enable you to route IPv6 traffic to Regional Application Load Balancer endpoints. Starting today, you can get the availability, security and performance benefits of AWS Global Accelerator for both IPv4 and IPv6 traffic while routing traffic towards Application Load Balancer endpoints. With dual-stack accelerators, you can route IPv6 traffic, together with IPv4 traffic, towards dual-stack Application Load Balancer endpoints. With dual-stack accelerators, you will get two static IPv6 addresses, in addition to the two static IPv4 addresses. You can choose a dual-stack accelerator when you set up a new accelerator, or you can update an existing IPv4-only accelerator to dual-stack, using standard AWS tools, including the AWS Management Console, AWS SDK, or the AWS CLI. When you update an existing accelerator, there's no change to the IPv4 specifications of the accelerator. You can monitor your IPv6 traffic in addition to the IPv4 traffic with existing Global Accelerator CloudWatch metrics. There is no additional charge when you use dual-stack accelerators in Global Accelerator. To learn more, see the [developer documentation]( in the AWS Global Accelerator Developer Guide. To get started with AWS Global Accelerator, visit the [Global Accelerator product page](/global-accelerator/).