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AWS Glue now supports Flex execution option



AWS Glue now supports a new execution option that allows customers to reduce the costs of their pre-production, test, and non-urgent data integration workloads by up to 34%. With Flex, Glue jobs run on spare capacity in AWS. Flex is ideal for customer workloads that don’t require fast jobs start times. The start and execution times of jobs using Flex vary because spare compute resources are not always available immediately and may be reclaimed during the execution of a job. Regardless of the execution option used, Glue jobs have the same capabilities, including access to custom connectors, a visual job authoring experience, and job scheduling system. Using Flex execution option, customers can optimize the costs of their data integration workloads by configuring the execution option based on the workloads’ requirements, using the standard execution option for time-sensitive workloads, and Flex for non-urgent workloads. Flex is available in Asia Pacific (Tokyo), Asia Pacific (Seoul), Asia Pacific (Mumbai), Asia Pacific (Singapore), Asia Pacific (Sydney), Canada (Central), Europe (Frankfurt), Europe (Ireland), Europe (London), Europe (Paris), South America (Sao Paulo), US East (N. Virginia), US East (Ohio), US West (N. California), and US West (Oregon). To learn more about Flex, visit the [blog post]( and the [Glue pricing](/glue/pricing/) page.