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Amazon MemoryDB for Redis is now HIPAA eligible



[Amazon MemoryDB for Redis](/memorydb/) is now a HIPAA ([Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act](/compliance/hipaa-compliance/)) eligible service. You can now use MemoryDB to store, process, and access protected health information (PHI) and power secure healthcare and life sciences applications. MemoryDB is a fully managed, Redis-compatible, in-memory database that provides low latency, high throughput, and durability at any scale. HIPAA eligibility applies to all AWS Regions where MemoryDB is available. To learn more, visit the [AWS services compliance page](/compliance/services-in-scope/) and [AWS compliance resources]( To learn more about MemoryDB, visit the MemoryDB [features page]( and [documentation]( If you have any product questions or feature requests, you can email the MemoryDB team at [](