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Announcing support for Crawler history in AWS Glue



AWS Glue [Crawlers]( now provide properties and metrics associated with past crawler executions to simplify monitoring and auditing. This crawler history feature builds on AWS Glue Crawlers; customers use Crawlers to discover datasets, extract schema information, and populate the AWS Glue Data Catalog. AWS Glue Crawler history provides a convenient way to view crawler executions, schedules, data sources, tags, and the classifiers used to infer data schema information. Crawler history provides a summary of data changes for each crawl, including changes in the database schema, Amazon S3 partition changes, and DPU hours used. The AWS Glue crawler history will show crawler executions started after this feature launch. The AWS Glue Crawler history is available in all commercial regions where AWS Glue is available, see the [AWS Region Table](/about-aws/global-infrastructure/regional-product-services/). To learn more, read the crawler history [blog](, and visit the AWS Glue Crawler [documentation](