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AWS announces Amazon WorkSpaces Core



Amazon WorkSpaces Core is a new, fully managed Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) service that combines the security, global reliability, and cost efficiency of AWS with existing VDI management solutions. WorkSpaces Core removes the need for capacity planning or infrastructure refreshing, and simplifies the provision, deployment, and management of VDI environments. With WorkSpaces Core, you can migrate your on-premises VDI solutions to AWS or deploy in a hybrid environment spanning on-premises resources and WorkSpaces Core infrastructure. Manage your entire user base from a single console without disrupting end users or retraining your IT staff. WorkSpaces Core allows you to migrate to the cloud at your own pace. You can extend the life of existing infrastructure investments while benefiting from the administrative and end user experience of your existing VDI software solution. WorkSpaces Core comprises purpose-built VDI infrastructure that helps you optimize spending with predictable, fixed rate, pay-as-you-go pricing, and with no upfront costs. Amazon WorkSpaces Core is available in all [AWS Regions]( except Africa (Cape Town). To learn more, see [Amazon WorkSpaces Core](/workspaces/workspaces-core/).