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Amazon Simple Email Service announces Virtual Deliverability Manager to help enhance email delivery success rate



Today, [Amazon Simple Email Service](/ses/) (Amazon SES) launched Virtual Deliverability Manager, a new feature that helps customers monitor and increase their email delivery success rates. Customers can use this feature to optimize their email sending campaigns and sending configuration, to reduce the likelihood that mailbox providers (such as Gmail or Yahoo) will mark their email messages as spam. Virtual Deliverability Manager offers insights with at-a-glance reports on sending and delivery data in a single interface in the SES console, such as bounce rate, opens, and clicks. Customers receive optimization recommendations and actionable steps to improve delivery success rates. Virtual Deliverability Manager also automatically implements some email sending improvements, such as optimizing sending IP address selection, without the need for monitoring or manual adjustment. Virtual Deliverability Manager is available in all regions where Amazon SES is [available]( To learn more, see the documentation on Virtual Deliverability Manager in the _[Amazon SES Developer Guide]( To start using Virtual Deliverability Manager, visit the [Amazon SES console](