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AWS Config now supports 14 new resource types



AWS Config now supports 14 more resource types for services including AWS IoT Events, AWS Cloud Map, Amazon EventBridge, EC2 Image Builder, AWS DataSync, AWS Glue, Amazon Route 53, and Amazon Elastic Container Registry. For the full list of newly supported resource types see \[1\]. With this launch, you can now use AWS Config to monitor configuration data for the newly supported resource types in your AWS account. AWS Config provides a detailed view of the configuration of AWS resources in your AWS account, including how resources were configured and how the configuration changes over time. Get started by enabling AWS Config in your account using the AWS Config console or the AWS Command Line Interface (AWS CLI). Select the newly supported resource types for which you want to track configuration changes. If you previously configured AWS Config to record all resource types, then the new resources will be automatically recorded in your account. AWS Config support for the new resources is available to AWS Config customers in [all regions](/about-aws/global-infrastructure/regional-product-services/) where the underlying resource type is available. To view a complete list of all supported types, see [supported resource types]( page. \[1\] Newly supported resource types: 1\. AWS::IoTEvents::Input 2\. AWS::IoTEvents::DetectorModel 3\. AWS::IoTEvents::AlarmModel 4\. AWS::ServiceDiscovery::HttpNamespace 5\. AWS::Events::EventBus 6\. AWS::ImageBuilder::ContainerRecipe 7\. AWS::ImageBuilder::DistributionConfiguration 8\. AWS::ImageBuilder::InfrastructureConfiguration 9\. AWS::DataSync::LocationObjectStorage 10\. AWS::DataSync::LocationHDFS 11\. AWS::Glue::Classifier 12\. AWS::Route53RecoveryReadiness::Cell 13\. AWS::Route53RecoveryReadiness::ReadinessCheck 14\. AWS::ECR::RegistryPolicy