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Amazon Translate Enables Tagging Support for Parallel Data and Custom Terminology



[Amazon Translate](/translate/) is a neural machine translation service that delivers fast, high-quality, affordable, and customizable language translation. Today, we are launching support of tagging for custom terminology and parallel data resources and then allow/restrict access on them based on the tags. Tagging allows customers to assign metadata to their AWS resources. Each tag is a simple label consisting of a customer-defined key and an optional value that can make it easier to manage, search for, and filter resources by purpose, owner, environment, or other criteria. AWS tags can be used for many purposes such as automation, operations support, and attribute based access control. Attribute Based Access Control allows finer grained control than API level and more dynamic control than resource-based access control. Customers can create IAM policies that allow or disallow a Translate operation based on tags provided in the request (request-tags) and tags on the resource that is being operated on (resource-tags). Tagging is now available for custom terminology and parallel data resources in commercial AWS regions where Amazon Translate is available. To learn more, please read the Amazon Translate documentation [on tagging translate resources](