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New question types for Amazon QuickSight Q



Today, Amazon QuickSight announces support for two new question types that simplify and scale complex analytical tasks using natural language. Business users type “forecast” to see future trajectories for up to 3 measures simultaneously. “Why” performs contribution analysis to automatically identify key drivers. These new capabilities enable business users to instantly get insights previously only accessible by enlisting the help of trained analysts. 'Forecast' questions make it fast and easy to predict trends and helps business users understand what they should expect so they can act quickly and plan accordingly. 'Why' questions are easy to ask and natural to think of, so business users can quickly pinpoint insights they need to know, rather than manually analyzing a body of data to discover contributing changes. These new feature are available in all [AWS Regions where QuickSight Q is supported]( To get started, see the following resources: * [Asking Questions with Amazon QuickSight Q]( in the Amazon QuickSight user guide * [Explore the blog]( New Analytical Questions Available in Amazon QuickSight Q: ‘Why’ and ‘Forecasting’