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AWS Config supports 22 new resource types



AWS Config now supports 22 more resource types for services including Amazon MQ, AWS AppConfig, AWS Cloud9, Amazon EventBridge, Amazon Fraud Detector, AWS IoT, AWS IoT Analytics, Amazon Lightsail (Virtual Server), AWS Elemental MediaPackage, Amazon Route 53 Recovery Readiness, AWS Resilience Hub, and AWS Transfer. With this launch, customers can now use AWS Config to monitor configuration data for the following newly supported resource types: 1\. AWS::AmazonMQ::Broker 2\. AWS::AppConfig::Environment 3\. AWS::AppConfig::ConfigurationProfile 4\. AWS::Cloud9::EnvironmentEC2 5\. AWS::EventSchemas::Registry 6\. AWS::EventSchemas::RegistryPolicy 7\. AWS::EventSchemas::Discoverer 8\. AWS::FraudDetector::Label 9 .AWS::FraudDetector::EntityType 10\. AWS::FraudDetector::Variable 11\. AWS::FraudDetector::Outcome 12\. AWS::IoT::Authorizer 13\. AWS::IoT::SecurityProfile 14\. AWS::IoT::RoleAlias 15\. AWS::IoT::Dimension 16\. AWS::IoTAnalytics::Datastore 17\. AWS::Lightsail::Bucket 18\. AWS::Lightsail::StaticIp 19\. AWS::MediaPackage::PackagingGroup 20\. AWS::Route53RecoveryReadiness::RecoveryGroup 21\. AWS::ResilienceHub::ResiliencyPolicy 22\. AWS::Transfer::Workflow To view a complete list of all supported types, see [supported resource types]( page.