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AWS Resource Groups now emits lifecycle events



Today, AWS Resource Groups is launching a new feature that emits lifecycle events when resources are added or removed from your groups and when resource groups are created, updated or deleted. These events allow you to initiate automated, event driven workflows for your applications. For example, with these events you can automate initiation of common operational tasks such as installing software packages, creating backups, or creating Amazon Elastic Block Store snapshots. You can use AWS Resource Groups to model logical collections of resources such as applications, projects, and cost centers, and act on them using AWS services such as AWS Systems Manager and Amazon CloudWatch. With this new feature, AWS Resource Groups is now integrated with Amazon EventBridge as a new event source. This integration enables you to invoke over 35 AWS services, including AWS Lambda, Amazon Simple Notification Service (Amazon SNS), and Amazon Kinesis. As actionable event notifications are pushed to you via Amazon EventBridge, they eliminate the need for complex polling mechanisms to monitor for changes to your resource groups. The new feature is available at no additional cost and is available in all commercial regions. For more information about grouping resources, see the [AWS Resource Groups user guide]( To get started, visit [AWS Resource Groups console](