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Announcing Porting Advisor for Graviton



AWS announces the general availability of Porting Advisor for Graviton. The Porting Advisor for Graviton is an open-source command line tool that analyzes source code and generates a report highlighting missing and outdated libraries and code constructs that may require modification along with recommendations for alternatives. It accelerates your transition to AWS Graviton-based instances by reducing the iterative process of identifying and resolving source code and library dependencies. The Porting Advisor for Graviton is freely available on the AWS GitHub Repository to be built from source. This tool scans source code, however, it does not scan binary files. The Porting Advisor for Graviton does not make any code modifications, or API-level recommendations. Finally, it does not send any data back to AWS. The tool supports C/C++, Fortran, Go 1.11+, Java 8+, and Python 3+ and can run on x86-based and Arm64-based machines. To learn more, see the [Porting Advisor for Graviton GitHub Repository]( To learn how to migrate your workloads to AWS Graviton-based instances, see the [AWS Graviton Technical Guide GitHub Repository]( and [AWS Graviton Transition Guide]( To get started with AWS Graviton-based EC2 instances, see the [AWS Management Console](, [AWS Command Line Interface (AWS CLI)](/cli/), and [AWS SDKs](