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Amazon DevOps Guru for RDS supports Proactive Insights



[Amazon DevOps Guru for RDS](/devops-guru/features/devops-guru-for-rds/) now supports [Proactive Insights](, a new set of findings that inform you of impending database performance and availability issues before they become critical. With Proactive Insights, Amazon DevOps Guru for RDS continuously monitors database instances for potential issues that can lead to degraded database health in the future. When such conditions are detected, Proactive Insights will generate a finding that describes the nature of the impending problem, and specific actions you can take to mitigate it. Proactive Insights are available for Amazon DevOps Guru customers, with no additional setup or configuration needed. Proactive Insights are supported for Aurora PostgreSQL and Aurora MySQL database engines at the moment. Amazon DevOps Guru for RDS is a Machine Learning (ML) powered capability for Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS) that automatically detects and diagnoses database performance and operational issues, enabling you to resolve bottlenecks in minutes rather than days. [Amazon DevOps Guru](/devops-guru/) for RDS is a feature of Amazon DevOps Guru, which detects operational and performance related issues for Amazon RDS engines and dozens of other resource types. Amazon DevOps Guru for RDS expands upon the existing capabilities of Amazon DevOps Guru to detect, diagnose, and provide remediation recommendations for a wide variety of database-related performance issues, such as resource over-utilization and misbehavior of SQL queries. When an issue occurs, Amazon DevOps Guru for RDS immediately notifies developers and DevOps engineers and provides diagnostic information, details on the extent of the problem, and intelligent remediation recommendations to help customers quickly resolve the issue. Amazon DevOps Guru for RDS is available in [these regions]( To learn more about Amazon DevOps Guru for RDS, see “[Working with anomalies in DevOps Guru for RDS](” in the Amazon DevOps Guru User Guide.