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Amazon SES adds email receiving metrics for better visibility and control



Amazon Simple Email Service (SES) announces the addition of two new metrics to its Email Receiving service without additional charges, providing customers with greater visibility into message processing workflows. The move is inspired by valuable customer feedback, which highlighted the desire for a more comprehensive set of metrics, empowering customers to effectively test their setup and pinpoint potential issues. The new metrics are Received, which provides insights into email receiving statistics and allows for debugging and alarms, and PublishSuccess, which enables easier monitoring of message processing workflows. Customers can access the new metrics through AWS CloudWatch, Amazon's monitoring and observability service, where they can monitor metrics, set alarms, and view performance trends. The new metrics are expected to help customers proactively address issues and optimize their email systems effectively. Amazon SES plans to expand its metrics offerings in the future, highlighting the importance of data and visibility in improving the customer experience. To learn more about Amazon SES, visit [this page](/ses/).