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We released Migrate to Containers 1.14.1. Migrate to Containers now supports Workforce identity federation



## Announcement On March 20, 2022 we released Migrate to Containers 1.14.1. ## Feature Migrate to Containers now supports [Workforce identity federation]( ## Announcement Documentation restructured to provide better visibility of high-level tasks. ## Deprecate Using Anthos for VMware processing clusters for containerisation of VMware sources is now deprecated and is planned to be supported till July 2023. ## Fix The following issues were fixed: * `migctl setup uninstall failure - source snapshot is not deleted`. This is happening when the corresponding source provider was already deleted. * Starting a migration from the UI page "Sources & Candidates" might get stuck on a "retrying" step. ## Issue The following are open issues: * `migctl migration status` sometimes prints an error message before the migration table. This message does not indicate a concrete problem and can be ignored. * The UI fails when performing "Processing Cluster Add" having Resource Location Org Policy. To overcome that the processing cluster installation should be done using migctl and the target region should be provided using `--gcp-region`. * Creation of multiple source providers at the same time might cause timeouts. If this happens, delete and recreate source provider objects that failed to be created. * Replicated VM deletion might hang depending on other object deletion. To prevent this from happening, delete the Migrate to Virtual Machines (M2VM) source after deleting the corresponding Migration objects. Otherwise, if this happens, delete the M2VM replications manually. * Generated Kubernetes deployment specifications might contain invalid (non-DNS1123 compliant) container names when such names appear in the source VM. To prevent this from happening, go over the migration plan before generating artifacts and change the names to be DNS1123 compliant.