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Amazon Corretto 20 is now generally available



You can now download Corretto 20 from our [downloads page]( This latest version supports the most recent OpenJDK feature release and is available on Linux, Windows, and macOS. Highlights of OpenJDK 20 include a second preview of Record Patterns, which are used to more easily work with record-based objects. You can use record patterns and type patterns together to create more powerful data navigation. Virtual threads are also in their second preview. Virtual Threads will make it easier to write multi-threaded applications. OpenJDK 20 also introduces a new incubation feature for scoped values, which allows you to share data between threads. OpenJDK 20 includes a second preview of the Foreign Function & Memory API, which makes it easier to integrate with native code. There are updates to the Pattern Matching for switch statements preview feature and the incubating Vector API. Structured Concurrency, which makes tasks distributed over multiple threads appear as a single unit of work, is now in its second incubation release. For more information about OpenJDK 20, a detailed description of the features can be found on the OpenJDK20 project page. [Amazon Corretto](/corretto/) is a no-cost, multi-platform, production-ready distribution of [OpenJDK]( Corretto is distributed by Amazon under an open source license.