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Amazon Chime SDK launches call analytics



Amazon Chime SDK now offers real-time call analytics to help businesses extract insights from voice conversations. Machine learning (ML) powers call insights include speaker search and voice tone analysis. Customers can gain additional ML-powered intelligence such as turn-by-turn transcripts, customer and agent sentiment, through integrations with [Amazon Transcribe](/transcribe/) and [Amazon Transcribe Call Analytics](/transcribe/call-analytics/). These insights can be consumed in real-time and after completion of a call, by accessing a data lake, and they can be visualized using tools such as [Amazon QuickSight](/quicksight/). Additionally, businesses can record voice conversations to the S3 bucket of their choice. Insights and call recordings apply across enterprise functions including sales and marketing, support, compliance and operations to improve customer experience, increase employee productivity, and reduce compliance costs. For example, banks can use call analytics to record trader conversations and generate real-time transcriptions. Businesses can apply voice tone analysis to customer conversations to assess sentiment around products and services, and use speaker search to enrich call records and transcripts with identity attribution. Call analytics works with any Amazon Chime Voice Connector. Customers can get started with just a few clicks in the AWS console or using Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). You can use call analytics in US East (N. Virginia), US West (Oregon), and Europe (Frankfurt) AWS Regions. To learn more: * [Amazon Chime SDK](/chime/chime-sdk/) website * [Managing call analytics]( in Amazon Chime SDK Administration Guide * [Using call analytics]( in Amazon Chime SDK Developer Guide * [Amazon Chime SDK Call Analytics: Real-Time Voice Tone Analysis and Speaker Search]( * [Amazon Chime SDK Console]( * [Amazon Transcribe]( and [Amazon Transcribe Call Analytics]( Developer Guide