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AWS Config now supports 23 new resource types



AWS Config now supports 23 more resource types for services, including Amazon AppStream 2.0, AWS EC2 Auto Scaling, Amazon Connect, Amazon Connect Customer Profiles, Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2), Amazon EventBridge, Amazon HealthLake, AWS IoT TwinMaker, Amazon Kinesis Video Streams, Amazon Lookout for Vision, AWS Network Manager, Amazon Pinpoint, AWS RoboMaker, and Amazon Route 53 Application Recovery Controller. With this launch, customers can now use AWS Config to monitor configuration data for the following newly supported resource types: 1. AWS::AppStream::DirectoryConfig 2. AWS::AutoScaling::WarmPool 3. AWS::Connect::PhoneNumber 4. AWS::CustomerProfiles::Domain 5. AWS::EC2::DHCPOptions 6. AWS::EC2::IPAM 7. AWS::EC2::NetworkInsightsPath 8. AWS::EC2::TrafficMirrorFilter 9. AWS::Events::Rule 10. AWS::HealthLake::FHIRDatastore 11. AWS::IoTTwinMaker::Scene 12. AWS::KinesisVideo::SignalingChannel 13. AWS::LookoutVision::Project 14. AWS::NetworkManager::TransitGatewayRegistration 15. AWS::Pinpoint::ApplicationSettings 16. AWS::Pinpoint::Segment 17. AWS::RoboMaker::RobotApplication 18. AWS::RoboMaker::SimulationApplication 19. AWS::Route53RecoveryControl::Cluster 20. AWS::Route53RecoveryControl::ControlPanel 21. AWS::Route53RecoveryControl::RoutingControl 22. AWS::Route53RecoveryControl::SafetyRule 23. AWS::Route53RecoveryReadiness::ResourceSet To view a complete list of all supported types, see [supported resource types]( page.