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Amazon Pinpoint now supports AWS PrivateLink



You can now use AWS PrivateLink to privately access Amazon Pinpoint from your [Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC)]( without using public IPs, and without requiring the public internet. AWS PrivateLink provides private connectivity among VPCs, AWS services, and your on-premises networks, without exposing your traffic to the public internet. Amazon Pinpoint is a multi-channel communications service that enables you create personalized communications to engage targeted audiences across SMS, email, push notifications, in-app messaging, and voice. Now, you can manage your Amazon Pinpoint segments, campaigns, and journeys without requiring an internet gateway in your VPC. AWS PrivateLink comes with private internet connectivity, security groups, and VPC endpoint policies to help meet your compliance requirements. To use AWS PrivateLink, create an [interface VPC endpoint]( for Amazon Pinpoint in your VPC using the Amazon VPC console, EC2 SDK, or CLI. You can also access the VPC endpoint from on-premises environments or from other VPCs using AWS VPN, AWS Direct Connect, or VPC Peering. To learn more and get started, visit the [Amazon Pinpoint documentation](