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Amazon Chime SDK updates Service Level Agreement



AWS has updated the [Service Level Agreement (SLA) for Amazon Chime SDK]( to include a Monthly Uptime Percentage of 99.99% with a completed AWS Well-Architected Review. The Amazon Chime SDK provides builders with an easy way to add real-time voice, video, and messaging, powered by machine learning, into their applications. SIP Trunking enables telephony administrators to connect on-premises phone systems to the public telephone network and Amazon machine learning services, such as Amazon Transcribe and Amazon Comprehend. PSTN Audio enables builders to create custom telephony applications like voice prompts, call routing, and recording. WebRTC media sessions bring people together with real-time audio, video, and screen and content sharing in web and mobile applications. The integration with PSTN Audio allows users to participate via the public telephone network. Messaging provides secure chat that scales to millions of users with customizable retention, inspection, and redaction. The updated SLA is available immediately in all regions where Amazon Chime SDK is available. Refer to the [Available Regions]( in the Developer Guide for a list of available regions. To learn more about the Amazon Chime SDK, review the following resources: * [Amazon Chime SDK website]( * [Amazon Chime SDK documentation]( * [Amazon Chime SDK Console](