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AWS Backup now available in 3 new Regions



Today, we are announcing the availability of AWS Backup in the Asia Pacific (Hyderabad), Europe (Spain), and Europe (Zurich) Regions. AWS Backup is a fully-managed, policy-driven service that allows you to centrally automate data protection across multiple AWS services spanning compute, storage, and databases. Using AWS Backup, you can centrally create and manage immutable backups of your application data, protect your data from inadvertent or malicious actions, and restore the with a few simple clicks. You can get started with AWS Backup using the [AWS Backup console](, SDKs, or CLI by creating a data protection policy and then assigning AWS resources to it using tags or Resource IDs. For more information on the features available in these Regions, visit the AWS Backup [product page]( and [documentation]( To learn about the Regional availability of AWS Backup, see the [AWS Regional Services List](