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Introducing AWS WAF Ready Partner Offerings



We are excited to announce the new [AWS WAF Ready]( specialization for AWS Partners with software products that integrate with [AWS Web Application Firewall (WAF)]( Ensuring websites and applications are protected from external threats that can lead to a loss of revenue, customer trust, and brand reputation has become a top concern for businesses of all shapes and sizes. AWS WAF Ready specialization offers customers a simple solution to deploying and maintaining their application layer security solution with AWS WAF Ready Partner offerings. AWS WAF Ready partner offerings provide robust WAF rule sets and mitigation tools that customers can choose depending on their specific application use case. In addition, AWS WAF Ready partners stay ahead of the attack curve and can help mitigate zero-day vulnerabilities so that customers do not have to worry about continually updating their rule sets based on novel or new attack vectors. Beyond detection and mitigation, AWS WAF Ready partners provide customers with pre-built integrations to help ingest and analyze WAF event data. With the new AWS WAF Ready specialization, customers can quickly and confidently identify validated AWS Partner software products vetted by AWS Partner Solutions Architects for their sound architecture, adherence to AWS best practices, and demonstrated customer success. We invite you to learn more about [AWS WAF Ready Partner offerings](