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AWS WAF Captcha launches JavaScript API support



AWS Web Application Firewall customers can now use the AWS WAF Captcha JavaScript API for enhanced control over the Captcha workflows. AWS WAF Captcha helps block unwanted bot traffic by requiring users to successfully solve visual or audio problems before their web requests are allowed. Until today, AWS WAF Captcha redirected customers to a different page for solving the Captcha problem. With this release, developers can improve the Captcha customer experience by embedding Captcha problems in their existing webpages, including Single Page applications (SPAs). You can start using WAF Captcha JS API by navigating to the application integration page in the AWS WAF console and selecting the Captcha Integration tab. You can generate multiple API keys per AWS account an each API key can be used with up to five domain names, allowing the key to be used across WebACLs within an AWS account. Next, you can download the the JavaScript tag and follow the documentation to complete your configuration. Once created, all API keys are listed along with supported domain names and key creation times on the Captcha integration page for easier reference. You can configure AWS WAF Captcha JS API through the AWS WAF Console, AWS SDKs, and the AWS CLI. This feature is available in all AWS regions except the AWS GovCloud (US) Regions. Support for these regions is expected later. Customers can use WAF Captcha JS API at no extra cost, however standard AWS WAF Captcha charges still apply. To get started, please visit [documentation](