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Announcing AWS DataSync Discovery general availability (GA)



We are announcing the general availability of [AWS DataSync Discovery](, giving you visibility into on-premises storage performance and utilization, and providing recommendations to simplify and accelerate data migration to AWS. DataSync Discovery enables you to understand your on-premises storage performance and capacity through automated data collection and analysis. It helps you quickly identify data to be migrated and evaluate suggested AWS Storage services that align to your performance and capacity needs. Capabilities added since preview include support for NetApp ONTAP 9.7, recommendations at cluster and storage virtual machine (SVM) levels, and discovery job events in [Amazon EventBridge]( To get started, configure DataSync Discovery to connect to your on-premises storage and then run discovery jobs to collect information about your storage system. While your discovery jobs run, you can view collected information on dashboards in the console. When completed, you can generate recommendations for migrating your resources to AWS Storage services such as [Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP](, [Amazon FSx for Windows File Server](, or [Amazon Elastic File System (EFS)]( These recommendations help you select the optimal AWS Storage service and you can then use AWS DataSync to move your data to your selected storage service. DataSync Discovery provides a fully managed discovery process for on-premises storage systems, minimizing the time, effort, and costs associated with planning and executing data migrations to AWS. AWS DataSync Discovery is available in 20 [AWS Regions]( For more information, visit the [AWS DataSync Discovery]( product page and [documentation](