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AWS Trusted Advisor adds new checks for Amazon EFS



AWS Trusted Advisor has launched two checks for [Amazon Elastic File System (EFS)]( AWS Trusted Advisor evaluates your AWS account with automated checks and provides cloud optimization recommendations to reduce costs, improve performance, increase security and fault tolerance, and monitor service quotas. The fault tolerance check for **Amazon EFS No Mount Target Redundancy** checks if mount targets exist in multiple Availability Zones. The performance check for **Amazon EFS Throughput Mode Optimization** checks to determine if your Amazon EFS file system is not configured to use Elastic, or Provisioned Throughput mode. The checks are available in all commercial Regions. AWS Premium Support customers can access the fault tolerance checks from the [AWS Trusted Advisor Console](, or via the [AWS Support API]( For more information please visit the [AWS Trusted Advisor webpage]( and the documentation site for a complete list of [check references](